Annual Review 2021

In this eventful year there were again many uncertainties at our events. In order to be able to offer our visitors a good alternative in corona time. We finally let everything take place online. With our extensive experience. We immediately found a new formula for success. The online form is judged even better than the events we previously organized on location.The events you could attend this year: SocialToday, Customer Data Conference, Content Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Conference (new!), Conversational Conference, and Digital Workspace Event.

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In our own Studio (more on this later) and with our Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List own specialized team, we were able to improve our productions every time. The result at our last virtual event was an 8.6 for the quality of the videos. An extremely high score that we are proud of, also because visitors let us know that they have never experienced virtual events in this way before.I also liked the chat during the sessions and the round table, because it was with a smaller group. Digital is more difficult to concentrate than face to face, but with this platform you have a good replacement. And the advantage that you can watch the sessions again, since I was unexpectedly only able to work half a day.” – participant Digital Workspace Event

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We are also going to expand the event portfolio! Next year Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List we will organize no fewer than 6 major events. In addition, there will also be small-scale Meetups, where we zoom in on a specific topic.An event that we would like to highlight, in a new guise: Growth Marketing Event (formerly Customer Data Conference) with a somewhat broader range and aimed at a new growth mindset. The program focuses on how you can grow your business in a smart way, with reliable customer data as a starting point and source of nutrition for an optimal, personalized customer experience.

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