7 Striking News Items

International Joke Day is the moment for many companies to come up with a good hacker. At the same time, everyone is wary and all the unusual (product) news around April 1 is suspected. Such as the launch of the fish doorbell in Utrecht at the end of March this year. We collected the most striking news items and (potential) April 1 jokes from 2021 in this article.The Dutch Vincent Alblas has been living in Flanders for 10 years now. During that time he learned that there are not only Flemish words that are not known in the Netherlands, but that there are also expressions Italy WhatsApp Number List that are used in both areas, but have a completely different meaning. This is confusing (and leads to amusing misunderstandings), but also fascinating. Vincent shared 9 examples and additions poured in in the comments (tip!).



Dt mistakes: the top 13 

“Everyone makes dt errors – even the best spellers sometimes erroneously Italy WhatsApp Number List appear or disappear with a d or t”, Wouter van Wingerden opens his article. Do such DT errors sometimes creep in to you? No worries! Wouter covers the 13 most common mistakes and above all: how to avoid them. On to a DT-free 2022.

Italy WhatsApp Number List


 Reuse your content

People are inundated with content and therefore easily Italy WhatsApp Number List overlook something. So also that article that you have spent so much time on. Can’t help it, do you think? Yes! You can greatly increase your reach by reusing your content. Cut it up or choose a different angle, channel, shape or moment. So recycle. Gemma Steeman lists 46 ways that you can move forward with for the time being.

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