A Corporate Story. Now What?

And then there it is finally. The story, on 1 A4 and a 3 minute video. Point? No, starting point. The corporate story is a handle in making decisions, from management to shop floor. But that one story quickly becomes jaded, we know it now. The next step is to create new, small practical stories based on the corporate story. This Nepal Phone Number List  way you keep the big story alive and current.

Start a story platform!

Hopefully the above examples will provide inspiration in creating the corporate story for your own organization. Making such a story is often quite a challenge. The story belongs to everyone Nepal Phone Number List  and everyone is part of the story. That is why it is a good idea to make the corporate story together with a cross-section of the organization. In this way the story connects to the perception of the employees and is a good reflection of all the different facets surrounding the organization. It also helps to stimulate the imagination. At StoryDiggers we create story setups based on our Storytelling Canvas with brown paper, Lego dolls and Play-Doh (see photo). To get out of the head and turn on the experience and emotion. Because the core of a story is always about something that touches, about inspiration.

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