A Guide to Digital Marketing

Questions like, how is COVID-19 going to affect my business? How should I market during this? Should I market my business during this pandemic? The answer is yes! It is time to market or continue to market your business. You may have had a marketing strategy in place, you most likely may need to adjust given the current world status. Here are a few ways that you can utilize digital marketing to help your business thrive. bug herd-campaign-Dan-2022 Tips for Execution on All Digital Marketing As a brand, it is important to be sensitive to how people are feeling during the crisis. Showing empathy makes your brand more likable and respect you even more. Language and imagery are going to need to be carefully chosen. Don’t shy away from using the different avenues of digital marketing.


Social Media Marketing Everyone is online


More than ever these days, and people are bonding through social media. With increased reach, engagement, and time spent on the various social platforms, it is the time to have a strong content strategy in place. Put your Vietnam Phone Number brand in front of potential customers, and stay present in front of followers. Have a social media marketing plan to engage with followers, so that when they post a comment or question, that you are responding back quickly. Follow-up and engagement do wonders with customer service, even on social media. Maximize your social media reach by using relevant hashtags. Do research to find the hashtags that are getting used for your industry. Relevant hashtags extend your reach while portraying your brand in a positive light. There are hashtags that are related to COVID-19, such as #Spreadsheet, #Social Distancing, and #BrandsSupportingMoms.


Think about what your brands offer

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What you are doing during this time. Use hashtags that are relevant to what your brand is doing to end COVID-19 or how you are supporting them. Optimize Your SEO Search Engine Optimization is the organic way to move your site up in search engine rankings. The multi-facets are selecting target keywords that you want to rank for, optimizing your pages with those keywords, blogs, and acquiring back links. SEO is a process that will take time for your ranking to improve. Go through your website and analyze the current keywords. It may be time to make adjustments if your rankings are not where you want them to be. You may also find that your competitors are pulling back on their SEO efforts, which means your brand may go up at a faster pace than usual.

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