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If you were like me, there was a moment when you thought your content really stood out – you really thought it stood out more than the competition .

Then you looked around and found that your unique, original and unparalleled ideas were commonplace. Suddenly, you feel like you’re attending a 4th grade talent show and realize that your child is just one of 30 equally valuable snowflakes with a false trombone aspiration.

Let’s do the original and attractive content you produce . If so, you will probably discover an insane pace of imitation. The moment you create an outstanding piece, your competition is only three months from turning its originality into a mess. Your content is as good as the ability to consistently stand out as original and engaging – and stay that way.

These perceptions inevitably lead to the perception that the team’s creative engine is a true competitive advantage for content marketers. As a marketing lifeline, it needs to be in its best form, unleashed with unorthodox catchphrases, compelling visuals, and innovative angles, and ready to stand out.

Yes, your creative has the marketing life of your brand.

Whether you’re a designer, videographer, or writer, here are five key steps you can take to prime your creative and keep your content ahead of the competition, creating great, cluttered content.

Lose the paradigm of productivity and creativity

The tension between productivity and creativity is real, but one way of thinking is a paradigm that requires a shift. It’s not a zero-sum game. You can have more both productivity and creativity.

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According to Adobe’s State of Create: 2016 survey, 83% of US respondents feel that pressure is increasing to be productive rather than Canada Mobile Number creative. This reflects the false trade-offs that many are aware of in the professional world. In other words, productivity and creativity are mutually exclusive and somehow oppose each other.

In the same survey, 81% of respondents say that investing in creativity increases employee productivity and overcomes one or the other paradigm. More than 75% recognized the value of creativity for society and the economy, but only one-third felt that they were fully creativity. Taking all these statistics shows how destructive the productivity and creativity paradigm is in productivity, organizational effectiveness, morale, and maintenance.

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Make room for creativity and distraction

Lean Six Sigma project management is a common option for reducing business costs and inefficiencies, but it is not very effective for creative pursuits. In fact, business psychologist Craig Knight explained in a study how lean workspaces contain key work variables such as productivity. “Not only Homo sapiens, no animal breeds in a mentally poor, well-controlled space,” he said. “Rats in lean cages, chimpanzees in lean enclosures, and humans in lean offices are all the worst beasts of decline.”

Certain types of distractions can contribute to the creative process. My illustration professor liked to say, “I can’t make it in a vacuum.” I know that some physicists claim the scientific validity of this statement, but it certainly applies to creativity as well. “Good” distractions inspire, break the hard-working brain, and provide resources to inspire the next content.

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Probably the most talented but unrecognized creative on the planet, the studio’s junk closet if you visit the workspace of the special effects artist fueling the most popular sci-fi summer blockbuster. You might think that you went in the wrong direction. The walls are painted with movie posters, album covers, and bodyless ghoul heads. The shelves are full of latex accessories, action figures, clusters of paper clips, and modeling clay that transforms into miniature monsters in boring moments.

Humans are happier and more productive when given the freedom to define their creative environment, much like mice “walk under floorboards and live in old sock nests rather than in cages.” It is a target. Knight summarized it. “Allows humans to develop their own space, which can improve happiness by up to 40% and productivity by up to 32% compared to lean space.”

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3. Eliminate unproductive distractions

To thrive in creativity, you need to identify and eliminate distractions. Which is bad? Choose one of the squares of this unproductive Bingo card we created.

Unproductive distractions such as hard-wiring the process and stopping by without notice to update status, letting creatives manually enter information into spreadsheets, and holding regular meetings where everyone takes turns reporting. Avoid.

Map workflows in detail to eliminate unproductive, non-creativity tangents. Incorporate tools into your workflow to automate manual communication and reporting tasks, freeing up time and space for creativity.

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4. Thoroughly collect requirements

How about the old saying? “Need is the mother of invention?” Creativity may want to run freely, but within established parameters it produces the best material with a particular problem to solve.

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Constraints drive a genius, according to David Sturt, executive vice president of OCTanner, an employee awards and compensation solutions company.

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