A Successful Sales Conversation?

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to conduct sales conversations. Especially when a service has a high price. Often the wrong questions are asked. Entrepreneurs fall into a pitfall and immediately start giving advice or coaching. In this way, there is a huge chance that the other person will not become Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List your customer. How do you conduct a good sales conversation? To get ‘yes’ to your offer, the customer really needs some specific things from you. Before the conversation starts, your interlocutors count on the fact that they have to make a large investment to achieve high results. In the conversation it should be completely clear why they need help. And why you are the one who can best help them.

Your customer’s journey

It is important that you first understand the Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List journey your potential customer is taking before requesting an interview. The See-Think-Do & Care model is a good model for mapping this journey. People first enter the awareness phase (the See phase). They become aware of a particular need. They may come across an online advertisement that triggers them and fuels their need.

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From there, they often continue online research Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List into the various options that will help them. They will orientate themselves, look for relevant information, read interesting blogs and view reviews from other customers (they are now in the Think phase, also known as the Consideration phase).

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