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However, It’s a tough question to answer. Particularly when you think about recent viral hits – who could’ve guessed that the internet would lose it over an enthusiastic star wars mom with a wookie mask? One of the biggest challenges for marketing teams is to generate their own chewbacca mom. Or France Phone Number  something that will generate massive shares in a purely organic way. However. Many people would argue that mimicking this level of virality simply isn’t possible. Especially for brands. The good news? More research continues to prove that brands don’t need to buy a winning lottery ticket. 

In other words, If you want to go viral. You simply need to create something that will trigger a highly emotional response. To figure out what this looks like in action. Let’s start by France Phone Number  visiting reddit – a great resource for viral content. My team at fractl recently pulled the top  images from reddit’s r/pics community and asked  people one question: how does this image make you feel? The results of the top  emotional responses are shown below: top emotional responses. For emotional drivers the top viral emotions tended to be incredibly positive. Which shouldn’t be too surprising (think about how giggly chewbacca mom was in her video). 

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However. Negative emotions like hate. Anger. And annoyance shouldn’t be ruled out – they just have to strike the right combinations of arousal and dominance if you want to earn shares. Conent marketing guide free download the ultimate guide to content marketing for business first name * email * France phone number download now the roles of arousal and dominance in viral content viral content typically evokes high-arousal emotions. Such as joy or anger. But a majority of psychologists also categorize emotions by the level of dominance. Or whether or not a feeling provides a sense of control. More specifically: arousal ranges from excitement to relaxation. Anger is a high-arousal emotion; sadness is low-arousal.

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Therefore, Dominance ranges from submission to feeling in control. Fear is low-dominance; an emotion someone has more choice over. Such as admiration. Is high-dominance. New research analyzed the roles arousal and dominance play in generating viral content and concluded that high levels of France Phone Number  dominance – like feelings of inspiration and admiration – tended to encourage more social shares. We returned to our  images to see if there were any patterns in the levels of both arousal and dominance that could help boost chances of a viral hit. Using the pleasure-arousal-dominance (pad) model. We discovered that there are three ideal combinations of arousal and dominance that accompany highly viral emotions. Which are listed below: 

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Common emotional combinatio for emotional drivers in other words. Viral content tends to be surprising and emotionally complex. However. The levels of arousal and dominance required to elicit these responses are not the same across the board. Positive content is primed for social sharing. Especially France Phone Number  when dominance is high high arousal configurations were connected closely with positive emotions. And two out of three ideal configurations featured high levels of arousal. This means that successful content within these parameters typically delivers something that ignites high-arousal feelings like excitement and happiness within audiences. A great example of the high-arousal. High-dominance combination is evian’s “live young” campaign.

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