Act as a Producer

As a communication professional and content creator you can make a difference in the development of mini-courses for your customers. In advice, storyboarding and copywriting, but also in making films and animations. Or in marketing communication India B2B List  and when distributing the content. If necessary, work together with an educationalist for the didactic approach.

microlearning app looks like.

Or go a step further and help customers set up microlearning software. Start-up Primio , for example, offers a mobile learning app for workplace India B2B List  learning. You can customize content in the app and thus support employees during the work process. The app is designed for employees who like to learn by doing, who are on the road a lot or who want to immediately apply information in the workplace. Other software includes TalentCards, the aforementioned 7Taps or read this 2021 update on microlearning LMS Software.

This is what the Premio

Have you been inspired by these seven  India B2B List applications and do you want to know more about microlearning? Here’s a ‘beginner’s guide’ . Have you seen a good example of an application yourself? Or questions about microlearning or other forms of online learning? Let me know in the comments.

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