Add value

Can you link microlearning content to one of your own events, such as a conference or course? Then you create a longer-term commitment for participants and add value to (the price of) the event. For example, in the month prior to the event, send learning Hong Kong B2B List nuggets on the topic. Or consider extending contact moments for them from the perspective of exhibitors, advertisers or other business relations (B2B). By issuing a series of bite-sized pieces of teaching material after an event, in which the provider shares knowledge with the participant. And… can you adjust your price by adding value?

6. Increase stickiness 

Create real impact on learning by developing  Hong Kong B2B List follow-ups to refresh what has been learned. Or provide retention and it will increase the percentage of participants completing the course. Microlearning is an ideal method for distributed learning and repetition of teaching material . Create learning nuggets with an update or an illustrative example each time.

Hong Kong B2B List

Of learning

A nice way of visual learning is interactive Hong Kong B2B List  images where more information and videos are shown on the image. See here an  Hong Kong B2B List example made with Genially software.

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