Afghanistan Phone Number Why is a small team better than a large team for international SaaS? | Everyone is a Product Manager

Some friends may say that it is not the same concept to achieve profitability with a few people and achieve profitability with hundreds of thousands of people.

But if a product made by a few people can Afghanistan Phone Number provide services for hundreds of thousands of users around the world, create value, and bring good economic benefits to team members, then why do we have to expand the team to thousands of people?

Why reject customized requirements?

While eating it provides temporary pain relief, it slowly poisons your body, making it harder to get away from it the further back you go.

I have communicated with many friends Afghanistan Phone Numbers who do domestic SaaS, and found that many people do not understand the principle of “no customization requirements”.

Because doing SaaS in China, it is inevitable for many companies to win large customers with millions of orders, and large customers often Afghanistan Phone Number have some customized needs.

he answer is yes, as long as you don’t have the financial pressure of the crowd we just said.

If the requirements raised by this major customer are general requirements of a certain business scenario, and the functions we Afghanistan Phone Number make can be reused for other customers in the future, then we will accept them.

But if this big customer asks us to do a function for a business scenario that only they have, then sorry, we will refuse.

If you do outsourcing, then you are doing one software for one customer, and then another software for another customer.

Although it seems that the income in the early stage is relatively high, as the number of customers increases, the cost will increase almost Afghanistan Phone Number year-on-year, because you need to recruit a lot of implementation support personnel, and you also need to develop many customized product functions to meet customer needs.


Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

In the early stage of international SaaS products, many people will face two problems: The more complex the product, the more time Afghanistan Phone Number and cost it takes to sell the product to customers.

After the customer purchases the product. There is also a large customer support team to teach the customer how to use the product and answer customer questions.

Not only that, because many customization requirements are make. The product code can easily become bloat. And the follow-up development and Afghanistan Phone Number maintenance costs are high.

But if we are making standardized products, most customers can place orders directly online and complete the Onboarding process independently.

Whether it is Crisp [1], which has 200,000 users with only 14 people, or Expensify [2], which has 639,000 paying customers with only 140 people, both Afghanistan Phone Number provide standardized products and services, allowing global customers to self-help online. Place an order and get start quickly.

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