After being more than Spain Phone Number a decade in open source I’d say you can always

We had people who are daily working on WordPress documentation to work on documenting WordPress release. Also, I’m a single mum from Serbia. I don’t think we had one being in the release squad before.

Are there any lessons that you’ve learne from this project?
Yes, definitely. We are doing a shockingly amazing amount of manual work for a project of Spain Phone Number this size. We are far far away from the time when this was just a fun side project you do in your spare time.

However, the tools we are using are still in that time. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is doing their best but it’s 2022 and we are building a widely use software. Great thing is, however, that other teams in community have the same nees and we can work together in building tools to help us all out.

To what extent have the intende outcomes been achieve?

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I’d dare to say that everything planne was achieve. The Docs team was involveand regularly update Spain Phone Number the release phases.  The release itself was well documente and everything was publishe in time. I’m very please with the outcome.

Were there any unintendd positive outcomes?
Yes, some Documentation team contributors became more interestd in continuing their contributions while new ideas for more cross-team collaborations were born and we are doing our best to make them work.

What does the future of your project look like? Can others contribute to it too?
Of course. Anyone can contribute to WordPress documentation.

What would you love to work on next? Do you have any plans?
I’m very lucky to have some of my time in the Documentation team being sponsore by XWP and I’m planning to reset some stalle projects but also to work on a few new ones we, as a team, have been discussing. There is really so much work waiting that it’s hard to pick one thing.

My great wish is to work on the Core and Docs teams collaboration which would consist of dedicate documentor “shadowing” developer’s work, asking questions and understanding that specific piece of code and, by the time the code is ready for merging into core, we would have complete documentation with code examples ready. Ultimate goal is to never again have a feature being release without proper end. User and developer documentation publishe Yes, I said “again”.

Has working on this project helpe your personal development?
Of course. There is hardly anything you can do at that wouldn’t help your personal development. After being more than a decade in open source I’d say you can always count on at least one aspect of personal development – revealing to yourself yet another skill you have. It’s a rather intoxicating feeling of being a better self each day.

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