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Scalability and efficiency through reuse is the way to go here. Social media is. After all, only part of a savvy marketing strategy. As a marketer, you want to advance your strategy and truly use curated content to impact results. And to do that you need to work with a multi-channel distribution strategy for your curated content.
What are the best ways to use curated content to build community. Trust, and brand awareness while driving relevant traffic to your website? Here are a few. Advertising Continue reading below Post roundups of other people’s content to your blog When you produce content roundups. Quotes, news, etc. you can link to and tag many of the companies and people who created the content. This will immediately increase your inbound links, social media following, and clicks per post. Here at SEJ, a multi-author publication, writer Debbie Miller taps into the power of this tactic every few weeks with her internal link roundups.

Find thought leaders on topics relevant

Billed as the This Month in Social Media series, which Luxembourg Phone Number generates reliably hundreds of actions and often thousands of readings. The more people connected to your content. The better. You can drive shares and traffic to your blog just by sharing and liking the work of others. This is how you build a community. But for added impact, you can also do it with influencers. Find thought leaders on topics relevant to your brand and ask them for original feedback (or just take quotes from their published assets) and create a roundup. When you do this, they’ll likely share your page with their followers. And you’ll be able to reach their audience through a medium those people trust. Compile curated newsletters Organized newsletters have grown in popularity over the past few years.

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When you repackage the content you curate into a briefing that you regularly send out to your audience; you’re basically making the interaction with your brand part of people’s routines. There are great tools like and Curated that make producing a newsletter like this extremely easy. Allowing curators to add links to their next dispatches as they browse. Advertising Continue reading below Companies like have proven that brands can benefit from curated newsletters. The company’s monthly email provides what they call the Top 10. Which includes great SEO and online marketing content, some of which is published by them. has created a huge mailing list this way. I subscribe and read their branded promotional content as much as I read their curated content. I do this simply because they send me what interests me from many sources.

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