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In developing countries like El Salvador Russia Phone Number payments. A cool development, because it really has a positive impact in developing countries. In the coming year, I expect the number of transactions to Russia Phone Number very strongly, with positive effects for Bitcoin itself as well. Trend 3. Art & Capital keep flying The money that is now used in the NFT market and decentralized financing (DeFi) continues to grow. Not only the smaller ‘retail investors’, but also existing institutions such as ING indicate that they find DeFi an incredibly interesting development. Crypto could Russia Phone Number financial institutions, such as banks, completely obsolete.

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Now we see that many large banks are Russia Phone Number started and offering products themselves. The total value locked in DeFi now exceeds $200 billion . I see this amount doubling to $400 Russia Phone Number in the coming year. There are still some really big steps to take to make DeFi mature. 75% of all hacks in crypto land take place within DeFi . In addition, the US regulator (the SEC) recently indicated that it will introduce strict regulations for DeFi in the short term. Institutional DeFi will Russia Phone Number have to wait for a while, the general DeFi world is growing fast in the meantime.

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Buy and more companies are getting into Russia Phone Number Interest in NFTs is also increasing. More than $10 billion was in the past quarter alone . That’s not just monkeys , the very first source code of the Russia Phone Number and a spot on the arm of a famous tennis player. More and more large parties are also entering the NFT market, such as Disney, Electronic Arts and the WWF. There are also all kinds of new developments, such as ‘play to earn blockchain games’. Earn money while playing a game, who doesn’t want that? Not entirely unexpectedly, almost 1 million people are Russia Phone Number doing this and the games are shooting out of the ground.

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