Although the Actual Population Is Believed to Be More Than Three Times the Registered Number

Politically manipulated refugee issues for a long time, the situation of rohingya refugees has not been the. Primary concern of muslims in malaysia compared to the issues of palestinian and syrian refugees. On the contrary, buddhist groups such as tzu chi and merit society in malaysia, as well as smaller christian organizations, are more active in providing basic education to burmese and rohingya refugee groups. The non-governmental organization “Mycare” that the author serves has provided humanitarian assistance to refugee groups in malaysia for many years. I hope that through past service experience, it can provide readers with a different perspective to examine whether malaysia can practice providing education and services. The promise of job opportunities to refugees

First of all, the issue of rohingya or burmese refugees

minorities such as chin) is politically linked, and the malaysian ruling party only cares about showing the international humanitarian outlook of muslim leaders. For example, in the aftermath of the rohingya massacre in myanmar in 2017, the flotilla to arakan , led by then prime minister najib razak , delivered humanitarian supplies to rohingya refugees. Najib’s move was an attempt to show the stance of the international muslim guardian in exchange for the support of malaysian muslims for najib’s government (the general election was held in may the following year). On the contrary, in 2020, when malaysian society Morocco Phone Number discriminated against rohingya refugees in the country due to the new crown pneumonia, najib, who had stepped down as prime minister but was still a member of parliament, in exchange for support, also criticized the rohingya in unison, and announced that malaysia did not the speech of the obligation to aid the rohingya. Multiple viewpoints are waiting for you to unlock pay to join tnl+ membership,

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