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Normally, governments always lag behind technological developments, the so-called pacing problem . In the blockchain field, however, I see a  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List few important developments emerging from  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List governments in the coming year.

MICA Regulations

First, the important MICA regulation is likely to be  extensively tested, discussed, and then implemented in the  coming year. An extremely important step in the further professionalization of the sector. And with it the entry of even more organizations.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

Self Sovereign Identity

In addition, the EU announced last  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List June that it will further intensify  its efforts around ‘Self Sovereign Identity’, about which I wrote earlier . The EU is also making great strides with its own ‘European Blockchain Services Infrastructure’. By creating this infrastructure, the European Commission aims to provide a large number of cross-border digital public services. ‘By making governance more transparent, facilitating compliance with  EU regulations and working on data compatibility.

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