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The deadline for this contest has closed, but stay tuned for an announcement of the split-test winner after early January! Imagine Sonia Simone and me in a conference room at an advertising agency. She pitches Ghana Phone Number List her headline account manager. I promote my… …and get the water blown out in time. Never mind, this title is better. Sonia is a legend. So account managers go with better copy, not better headlines, 10 times out of 10. So let’s try option B… This time, in its title is better, we don’t ask Account Exec’s opinion. (A side steak and strategy meeting with a client, he doesn’t know anyway.) This time, after Sonia introduced her title, I whipped off my slender white gloves, one of my easily worn ones, and slapped her across the face, saying, “Ma’am, I demand compensation! I challenge you to a duel!”

When You Don’t Know the Answer, Let the Customer Decide

I won’t let Sonia choose a pistol at dawn. Instead, our weapon will be a split test. Half of the potential clients will face Sonia’s title, the other half mine. Then we’ll see that under real-world conditions where customers don’t even know they’re making a choice, this headline is really more effective. On the surface, testing your copy seems like a great way to boost conversions and get to know your customers. it is. Brian Clark said, “Conversion optimization is the coolest thing.” At heart, I’m a writer, not a salesman. So imagine if instead of being in the ballpark and convincing an account manager or client why your headline is better than a jargon-filled, callable automation solution they usually prefer…you can just tell them. Please send us your best subject line for a chance to win a vote, email Summit 2014 (plus hotel) I challenge you .

Best Subject Line for a Chance to Win a Vote

Ghana Phone Number List
Ghana Phone Number List

Sonia and the Copy blogger team then read each opinion, carefully selecting the five subject lines they thought would perform best. We’ll pick five subject lines from the Marketing Experiments blog as well (you can see the blog post announcing this contest to our audience here ). Then, we’ll run a split test on all 10 of these subject lines. Writers with the subject line that generates the most number of unique hits will get free tickets to Email Summit 2014. We’ll even take you to the host hotel, Sukiyaki Resort, for two nights. First rule, no hair or face contact . As for the rest of the rules, here they are, the deadline is December 10, 2013. Reasonable? Great, let’s see what you have. Below is the email we will send. Write your best subject line and use it as a note for this blog post. Very simple.

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