As a co-shopping Thailand Phone Number social e-commerce business, why has Jingxi developed rapidly in a short period of time?

After Pinduoduo, Ali, and Suning attacked the sinking market. At the end of October 2019, Jingxi (formerly known as Jingdong Pingou), a social e-commerce platform under, cooperated with WeChat to enter the first-level entrance of WeChat and operate independently. The advantages of social platforms help Jingdong Mall to seize the Thailand Phone Number huge sinking market.

During the 618 period last year,’s ordering users in tier 3-6 cities increased by 106%, the share of fission traffic accounted for 75%, and the fission multiple reached 23 times.

Before Double Eleven, launched Jingxi and connected to the first-level interface of WeChat. The sales of “Jingxi Day for All” exceeded 1 million orders, and new users accounted for 42% of all users of

 Industry analysis

The demographic dividend of traditional e-commerce has been exhausted, and the cost of customer acquisition has risen sharply. The business model of social + e-commerce relies on social fission to reduce the cost of platform acquisition and Thailand Phone Number user retention, providing a solution to this problem. Different from traditional e-commerce, which relies on searching and browsing to select products, social e-commerce relies on trust among relatives, friends, social groups, etc. for product sharing and word-of-mouth communication, and purchases and purchases products through social methods such as group grouping or bargaining.


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This year 2020 is the decisive year for entering a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. Urban and rural residents will step into a moderately prosperous society. Residents will no longer worry about survival. All come from shopping, and residents are more and more willing to shop.

E-commerce platforms have developed for a long time. And many people are accustomed to online shopping, but users will not always be satisfied Thailand Phone Number with a single shopping experience. By the end of 2018, WeChat, wechat and combined monthly active accounts had increased to 1.098 billion. The development of social platforms has made people’s lives inseparable from social software such as WeChat QQ. People chat, work, study, and transmit various information on these social platforms.


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