Avoid Technical Jargon

The IT world is full of technical jargon. Chances are, however, that many people in your audience aren’t familiar with the technical catchphrases and acronyms. Using jargon can make some people feel left out and drop out. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid technical terms. Just make sure its meaning is as clear as possible. For example, if you use the abbreviation CTR, the question is whether you refer to the Latvia WhatsApp Number List click-through rate, a certified test report or something else. It’s better to say exactly what you mean and not blindly assume that your audience understands an acronym. And if there’s no better way to say something, you need to put the information in an understandable context. Your audience will understand you better if you explain things clearly and accurately.


Focus on the results

What generally counts most for Latvia WhatsApp Number List stakeholders is the end result. Therefore, do not spend too much time on the design or the approach. Most importantly, explain to your audience how your innovation journey will meet their business needs and solve their problems. Talk about the technology in relation to the final product or end use. Describe what that will look like and how it works. And what users can achieve with it and how it will make their lives easier.

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 Encourage asking questions

You may find that some people nod their Latvia WhatsApp Number List  heads, but in reality don’t understand what you’re saying and feel too embarrassed to ask questions. That is why it is good to pause every now and then during your presentation and check whether everyone is still following your story. Also, create an atmosphere in which stakeholders feel comfortable asking questions and entering into discussions. Do that, for example, by not passing a negative judgment on the question in question, so that people know that you are open to a conversation.

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