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Half of centennials confess that their stress Oman Phone Number and anxiety levels have unfortunately taken flight during the pandemic. The good news is that telecommuting under the guise of the pandemic. Seems to have had a soothing effect on people’s mental Oman Phone Number health. And among those who work from home there is a greater predisposition to report.  The improvement in their mental health than among those who have not used the “home office” formula. In recent Oman Phone Number months.

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The coronavirus led us to a confinement that highlighted the digital divide between. The Oman Phone Number Spanish population  especially those living in rural areas. Not all people were able to enjoy the same infrastructure during that period . And the guarantee of digital connectivity in rural environments has been uneven and deficient in many localities.

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This is one of the outstanding conclusions of the DBA thesis Oman Phone Number by José Antonio López , CEO of Iyntia, entitled « The impact of the Digital Agenda in rural Spain » . The purpose of the same was to determine if this agenda has really served to progress in the digital Oman Phone Number spectrum. With this objective in mind, López has analyzed the effect of the measures approved by Europe and deployed between 2014 and 2020 in Spanish populations of less than 2,000 inhabitants.

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