Because I Say So

I read in various articles that children  put their thoughts into words in the why phase. That they practice asking questions and satisfy their hunger for new knowledge. So I patiently answered every why question from the kids. My answers all started with: because . I tried to answer as substantiated as possible. Trie because to be honest Lithuania WhatsApp Number List in many cases I also used the so-called ‘basket technique’. Then my answer to a why-question was: “ because I say so ”.

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The why-phase of young children and the because-response Lithuania WhatsApp Number List of parents/carers lead to conditioned behavior. That means that in childhood our brain is coded in such a way that we expect that after the word because comes a reliable answer. Even if it’s nonsense. In addition, as people we like to feel that we understand things. That sense of understanding far outweighs the actual understanding of the reason.

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A nonsense reason 

Al in 1978 ontdekten de onderzoekers Langer, Blank en Lithuania WhatsApp Number List Chanowitch de kracht van het voegwoord omdat. Of eigenlijk achterhaalden zij dat je eerder krijgt wat je wil als je omdat in je boodschap gebruikt en opvolgt met een reden. Hoe stompzinnig óf sterk deze reden ook is.Chances are you’ve heard of this illustrious study before. The study that took place in a copy center on a US university campus. Note that it was in the last century. Not quite the stone age yet. Well in the time when copies were made on a Xerox device and were not (yet) printed on a personal printer. The copy center on the university campus was known for its lengthy queue. 

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