Before Visiting Your Page?

Here you can access the section that lists the top 50 searches that people send to your site from Google. These searches are ranked by the number of times they were clicked in a Google SERP. You are ranked under each search query and by default this list shows the ‘Most searched searches’. You can also switch to the  Kazakhstan Phone Number List ‘Trending searches’ in this list to see which searches have grown the most in terms of clicks in the current versus the past 28 days.

5. Which article directs users 

The GSCI has a section called ‘Referrals from  Kazakhstan Phone Number List other websites’. This section shows you how many mentions to a particular web page a specific referring page has generated. This allows you to see which of the linking websites are most relevant to your users. So you can decide whether you still want to post articles on this site or grab the page that the traffic is coming from. In addition, knowing which links work well can help you determine your further link building strategy.

What else should I think

Take a moment to see how the data is Kazakhstan Phone Number List coming up and how your page has improved since using this tool. Keep the following in mind:Confirm that Google links your content to your main search term. Among other things, I recommend the Google Keyword Planner tool to help you pick the best keywords for your niche and optimize your content with those keywords. Prioritize the important web pages. This way, Google knows which sites to crawl so your targeted page can rank much faster and deliver better results.Resolve any issues that arise while browsing your page. You can troubleshoot page experience issues by using the direct guidance of Google Search Console. FYI, the data for Google Search Console Insights looks different than for Google Analytics. GSCI combines data such as pageviews Kazakhstan Phone Number List  and average time on page from Google Analytics with search metrics such as clicks and average position. Basically, one represents the activity that happens on Google’s search bar and the other what happens on your page.

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