Bet as a Lead Generator

You can use microlearning when acquiring new customers. Microlearning goes further and deeper than a promo or teaser, because you really release part of your product or service. It fits in with the trend in content strategy to create ‘ educational China B2B List content ‘ that really helps people. Show what you have to offer and motivate potential customers to purchase your product or service. You can do the same within your organization: for example, create a mini-course to encourage employees to follow internal training.

2. In preparation for…

Use microlearning in preparation for an event. As with onboarding new employees, introduce them to procedures, house rules or the mission China B2B List of the organization. Even if you want to introduce new processes or a change to colleagues or relations, you can already share short learning snacks with them. Or prepare students, customers or participants for what is to come. Introduce them to some of the content. This way you involve them and you immediately make them enthusiastic.

China B2B List

In preparation

See a preview for a microlearning training China B2B List  here. Students receive this ‘definition of microlearning’ several hours before the training starts. Easy and free to make yourself with, for example, the 7taps tool , with which you can quickly create stories, optimized for mobile. A warm-up, as it were:


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