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The receipt will appear in the same app. They Iceland Phone Number can do all of this with technology developed by AiFi , an American company founded by engineers who previously worked at Apple and Google . Thus a series of high-tech cameras are installed at strategic Iceland Phone Number. Points that follow customers while they shop to detect the products they take. Of course they also make sure that they are billed when they leave.

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In addition Aldi has included an age estimation method to Iceland Phone Number ensure that. Alcohol is not sold to minors. In the event that a person is not satisfied with using this system. They may ask a staff member to verify whether they are of legal age or not. Aldi wants to improve the Iceland Phone Number customer experience with Aldi Shop & Go “For us, steps like this are always about improving the customer experience and the whole team is eager to be.

Iceland Phone Number

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On hand and ready to help ensure that experience is as seamless as ever,” said Lewis Esparon . Greenwich Store Manager. . For his part Giles Hurley  general Iceland Phone Number manager of Aldi in. to this establishment. Which according to him, uses “the latest in technology for retail”.

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