Bind Potential Customers

AR or augmented reality has become mainstream a few years ago. How do companies use social AR and webAR? What can you do with it? And could it be something for you?  There is an increasing demand for remote assistance . Collaboration from enterprises that help with workflow management .  Optimization. This includes tracking, identifying and Belgium Phone Number List  solving technical problems, and for tasks such as retrofitting, assembling, manufacturing and repairing production lines. But also the marketing of products, such as the sale of sunglasses.

Z through social AR

Like the latest Dolce & Gabbana  Belgium Phone Number List campaign . In it, D&G launched their new eyewear collection for the summer of 2021. Potential buyers could try on glasses with the AR effect. The effect has already been viewed more than 1.8 million times . that number continues to grow.

Communicate with Gen

This market growth is driven by  Belgium Phone Number List the increasing adoption of AR by Generation Z. They follow influencers, artists and brands who use AR and therefore interact with them in a different way. With Instagram and Snapchat leading the way with AR, TikTok couldn’t be left behind. That’s why TikTok announced in August that their own AR platform Effect house will be accessible to everyone. This makes it possible to create AR experiences for TikTok.

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