Bitable for Animation

Filming with your mobile delivers – after some practice – videos of excellent quality. Especially if you’re handy with post-processing. Animations (motion graphics) . Stock videos with text, music and voice-over are also fun and simple. Biteable is super Thailand B2B List user-friendly and has an extensive stock library, which includes characters, illustrations and stock video. That’s what the company that started in 2014 in Tasmania has really invested in. You can easily switch to Instagram, TikTok or YouTube formats and download or duplicate MP4s for reuse.

 animation and video

The example below is teaching material for Thailand B2B List  beginning, practice-trained English healthcare workers. They are explained the role of carers. The voice-over was recorded in England and added to the video afterwards as an M4A file: Each tool offers a free trial or free account, but if you really want to customize something, get the paid upgrade. For example, you don’t want a watermark of the provider in your video.

 Editing Kapwing

Below a few Do-It-Yourself animation tools in a Thailand B2B List  row, with the rates per year for the paid option where you do not have a  Thailand B2B List watermark (offers excluded).

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