Blockchain Based Games

A final development, which is currently emerging in DeFi and could become very big in the coming year, are blockchain-based games. There are 2 billion gamers worldwide who currently spend $150 billion on this. And $250 billion in two years. The in-game purchases are a big part of this multi-billion dollar  market and 62% of gamers and 82% of developers have indicated that they would like to see this on the blockchain. There is still  Cook Islands B2B List a lot of work to do in the security shop because of the many major hacks. Recently, $600 million was stolen during the Poly hack and $115 million during the Cream hack . Research shows that 2/3rd of these hacks are   due to developer incompetence and nearly 1/3rd to code errors.


 NFT boom or crack?

It seems that if you haven’t made NFT yet as a creative, you don’t belong anymore. My social feeds are full of enthusiasts who mint (make), sell and buy the NFTs. Earlier I wrote about the great possibilities, for both makers and companies. Where with Web1.0 companies made and earned content and the  Cook Islands B2B List current Web2.0 people create content and companies earn from it, with Web3.0 I see that people not only create content, but also start earning real money from it. NFTs play a key role in this. American Samoa B2B List 


In my view, NFTs will really have a major impact  on the art, fashion, music and sports worlds. Not only the large companies such as VISA , Disney and Adobe that are getting started with this, are piling up. There are also more and more possibilities that were previously not (technically) possible.

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