Top 6 Trends in Marketing Automation Business Owner 2022

Busy society, busy times! As a business owner, you are probably too busy. We are always faced with a number of tasks, such as marketing, sales growth, customer relations, brand awareness, planning and re-planning. OF COURSE! There is always a solution. This article, which I am starting to read right now, will help you a little to find a solution. Because by entrusting some of our daily tasks with automation, we will be able to spend time on the next important thing! Trend 1: Consumer quality data Quality will be an important element of this year’s marketing. Both in terms of products and services, and in terms of customer satisfaction. This time we will talk about the quality of customer data, which plays a №1 role in marketing optimization.

Consumer Quality Data Quality Will Be an Important Element

Only after knowing this answer will it be possible to optimize calls-to-action (CTAs ), call-to-action-buttons, promotional templates, designs, and text. So let’s take a small example! You are a successful entrepreneur with your own beauty brand. Let’s say you have an email Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List list of 1,000 users and use marketing automation to give them a BLACK FRIDAY 50-90% OFF promotion. BUT! Of those on the list, 100 are men who aren’t interested in cosmetics at all, another 100 are women who have already made purchases from other brands, and even more are users who don’t use email regularly and don’t even try to open it. This is called QUALITY. Not in numbers.

Funnel-optimized Content as You Read This Trend

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In essence! Have an email. Have a phone number. Any data about the user must be of good quality. The advantage of marketing automation is that it automatically evaluates potential customers who are likely to make a purchase in the future. In other words, by evaluating and knowing the poor quality customers in the example above with the help of marketing automation, you will be able to choose the sales tools, marketing messages and advertising channels that are suitable for the above group of users. This creates an effective relationship with the marketing funnel that fits the customer’s purchasing path . Tip: Collect customer-quality data Collaborate with the sales team: They are the ones who communicate directly with customers. Therefore, it is possible to find the highest quality data of the actual target users there.


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