Buzz sprout vs Anchor (Oct 2022): The Battle of the Podcast Hosting Services

Want to make your own podcast? Don’t get hung up on where to host it platforms that allow you to share your podcasts with the world.

Buzzsprout vs. Anchor: Major Services Compared

As we just said, both Buzzsprout and Anchor allow you to host podcasts online. For this, your podcast will have its own where the different Algeria Mobile Number episodes are listed. Buzzsprout and Anchor also provide unlimited storage for your audio files and keep your full history .However, Buzzsprout limits how many hours of audio you can upload per month based on the pricing plan you choose. Unfortunately, there are no monthly plans for unlimited audio uploads.In contrast, Anchor imposes no such restriction. But as a free service, Anchor’s hosting doesn’t offer that much freedom. For example, with Buzzsprout, you can customize your login page and host your custom domain name . However, Anchor’s podcast page is more limited because you can’t add your own domain.

Anchor vs Buzzsprout: Podcast Distribution

Your podcast must first be submitted to Algeria Mobile Number be assigned to these platforms. Then, once accepted, your podcast platform will automatically sync each new episode you upload to these podcast directories. With Buzzsprout, this process is manual. Anchor, on the other hand, can automatically submit your podcast to these platforms to ensure coverage of as many compatible directories as possible. Buzzsprout also makes it easier and more engaging to share your podcasts on social media and/or your own website. It does this with “Visual Soundbites,” which displays your podcast’s audio waves and cover art in an engaging podcast player. You can customize it to match your brand’s colors. Unfortunately, Anchor does not provide similar functionality.

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Algeria Mobile Number

Buzzsprout vs Anchor: Monetization

Once your podcast gains followers, you’ll most likely Algeria Mobile Number want to earn some income for all your hard work. This is where podcast monetization comes in. Here anchors  take very different approaches .Buzzsprout enables you to connect with a range of affiliate programs so you can collaborate with brands and promote their products during your podcast. Then, if a customer buys from you, you get a commission.Anchor does not currently have a built-in affiliate program. However, nothing stops you from finding sponsors on affiliate sites or getting in touch with brands directly. However, even without this feature,  take monetization a step further. You can create podcast subscriptions where listeners pay a recurring fee to access your content. There are multiple pricing structures to choose from, and you can email your subscribers directly. Unfrotaunetly, it is impossible to create and sell subscriptions using Buzzsprout. 

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