“By having an online channel and a consolidated website, we have been able to respond to the increase in demand generated by COVID”

It has been 10 years since Papiroga, an accessories brand born from the hands of Daniel Coma-Cros, Leire Urzaiz and Estefanía De Oliveira, together with the rest of the collaborators who manage the project, saw its beginnings. They define themselves as an original brand of maxi earrings and necklaces that aspires to change your mood.

Papiroga is one of the lucky brands, because during the coronavirus crisis their sales have increased thanks to the online channel and having a consolidated e-commerce.

We wanted to speak with Estefanía, one of its founders, so that she could tell us first-hand what day-to-day life is like behind such an inspiring brand and, also, how they value the digitization of their business in the current era.

Interview with Estefanía de Oliveira, co-founder of Papiroga
Hi Estefania! It is a pleasure to see first-hand a project as inspiring as yours. Tell us, how and when did Papiroga come about?
Papiroga was born almost 10 years ago, in the midst of a crisis, as a need to create something different and reformulate the values ​​associated with the fashion industry. A project that sought to change the mood of women through original designs, sustainable processes and honest and transparent communication.

It sounds very powerful from the start

And who are you behind this project ?
We three Jordan Phone Number founding partners: Daniel Coma-Cros develops the intangible part, that of the brand; Leire Urzaiz, who comes from the world of retail shopping, is in charge of the product together with me, Estefanía De Oliveira, who is also in charge of the creative and design part.

The three of us, together with our team and the rest of the collaborators, manage the project, which we divide into these three large areas.

How were the beginnings ?
Difficult, not only because of the general context of crisis, but because at no time did we renounce the values ​​that led us to create the brand, which added a certain complexity: we did not (and do not) make sales, we do not follow trends, we only design original pieces , never seen before… among many other principles that could slow down growth, but in exchange led to a more consistent evolution, which is the basis of what Papiroga is today.

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Papyroga earrings

I know it is very difficult to stick with just one, but what are your favorite earrings ?
Pfff… That’s really complicated! In each collection we have a new favorite! Although we may have a special affection for the first papirogas.

We couldn’t choose either, it’s normal! Where do you look for inspiration for each collection?
Anywhere. We always have our eyes open and when something catches our attention, when that subject that obsesses you comes along, we dedicate a collection to it.

The sources can be very diverse: from a book (such as Bear , by Marian Engel) to ballets ( La Bayadère or Triadic Ballet ), through botany ( Magic Flowers ) and cryptography ( Voynich Manuscript ) to underground transport ( Metro ) and the present -day Svalbard, with the World Seed Bank as a backdrop.


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