5 Common Mistakes Chatbots Should Avoid by Social Marketers

Some errors are very difficult to correct. What if a publishing house printed a fake book thousands of times, a truck driver drove a huge load to the wrong place, and a catering chef added salt to hundreds of desserts instead of sugar? Anyone can imagine the time and effort it takes to fix these errors. But you are lucky to be using Facebook Messenger chatbot. You can always review and edit every action on your chatbot. But it is impossible to make up for the time it took to find hundreds of customers, build relationships and make successful sales. So if your chatbot works flawlessly from the beginning, it’s BINGO. In this article, we provide tips on 5 common mistakes made by digital marketers when creating chatbots and how to fix them directly.

If You Are Building a House the First Thing You Need to

A chatbot is exactly the same. When the purpose is not clear, it can create a chatbot that is difficult to access. The purpose of your chatbot is to хэрэглэгч1 users! You need to be able to answer their questions as simply and quickly as possible, build trust and build relationships. In other words, suppose your messenger is full of inbox users. At this point, a one-time autoresponder or a common China WhatsApp Number List question and answer link on a website is not enough. Instead, run a smart chatbot that answers questions and engages in conversation. How to plan? Before creating a chatbot, you can take a piece of paper and draw a picture of the general information. Or you can plan very simply in Microsoft Excel and map the information you enter. CLICK HERE to download our ready-made template in Microsoft Excel. You can also use draw.io.

You Can Also Use Draw io the Program Is Free and Easy

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The program is free and easy to use. It also has the advantage of allowing you to share your photos with someone via email. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning. Whether the menu with the information is sufficiently linked to direct the parts to the next step, where the user may stop somewhere while receiving information excessive step-by-step menus can confuse users, so check and edit sections that may be difficult for them. In general, the connection between the user’s actions and the information that can be obtained should be seen as if it were in the palm of your hand. Customers who have received product information may place an order. The customer who placed the order may call and inquire directly.

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