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Key indicators in improving seo. What are the main points in the seo of a website? What are the main indicators of seo? Here is a full review for you.

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1 1. Url structure and use of ssl/tls
2 2. Determining the topic of content to be the main indicator of seo
3 3. Define search intent
4 4. Adding meta tags and content structure
5 5. Adding backlinks is a key seo indicator
6 6. Optimize website speed
1. Url structure and use of ssl/tls
url structure and ssl usage

when you are going to create a

website that pays attention to seo, the first indicator that must be considered is making the correct url structure and in accordance with the topics discussed. This is easy, but it is often forgotten or forgotten and overlooked when we are building a website. Often notice something is wrong in the url structure when the website is already running.

The url structure in question is a structure whose arrangement is in accordance with your target keywords. For example, your target keyword Greece Phone Number is selling cheap domains , then these keywords need to be a concern in compiling a url. You need to pay attention to creating permalinks or slugs containing your main keywords in your web content pages. More about how to determine website keywords can be read at: website keyword article collection.

In addition, website security is also an i

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mportant key, namely the use of ssl/tls. Since 2014, google will prioritize websites that use ssl/tls. With ssl, it can improve data security for users because it has been encrypted when the data transfer process occurs on the website. This will make your website more trustworthy.

Ssl (secure socket layer) certificates are very important in optimizing websites. How to find out if your website has ssl/tls installed? You can do this by looking at the url of your website. As a result, when you see that it is still using http , then your website is confirmed to not have ssl/tls. The characteristics of websites that already use ssl in the url are https descriptions and a lock / padlock icon.

2. Determining the topic of co

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