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We should no longer look at the attention span . But at the ‘consideration span’. Content must immediately grab the reader’s attention. Otherwise, they will drop out. So you have to get to the point almost immediately and entice the reader to keep reading. By sharing in-depth and informative articles, you strengthen your expert status. As a result, website visitors will return faster if they want to know more about the topics you write about. It is therefore Hungary WhatsApp Number List important that you always write from the same themes that suit your business, so that website visitors know what to expect from you.

Long-form content on Google

Another reason why long-form content has been getting a Hungary WhatsApp Number List lot of attention lately is that it can help with your visibility on Google.  the time someone spends on your web page does influence its visibility. Search engines look at ‘time spent on page’.Finally, long-form content can provide more backlinks and social shares. This makes you more visible and it has a positive effect on your authority status. In short, long-form content should not be missing in your content marketing strategy. Just make sure that your content is captivating from start to finish and Hungary WhatsApp Number List that you know how to hold the attention.

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Personal experiences with dynamic

Personalized content is a marketing trend Hungary WhatsApp Number List called ‘dynamic content’. This is online content that adapts to the recipient. The message is personalized based on previously shown interests.We are already familiar with dynamic content in the form of e-mail. Think, for example, of messages from well-known webshops, with your name in the salutation and your interests or preferences in the text. But there’s more content you can make dynamically, such as articles, product pages, ads, forms, and landing pages.This is made possible by personalization tools such as Proof, Hubspot, Cxense, Dynamic Yield and Google Optimize. Thanks to these tools, your content adapts to the behavior of your website visitors, so that you can offer a more personal online experience.

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