The Case That You Have a Better

So take another look at the plans for 2022: does it increase the connection of employees with the organization? Will they deliver a better employee experience? Do they increase your eNPS?” Robert Geerken: Employee Experience is the theme Portrait Robert Geerken Learning is living and living is learning. That is the foundation of Goodhabitz, the Brabant company that is successfully making its way internationally with online training. Robert Geerken is responsible for HR , who indicates that the war for talent will continue at full speed in 2022. “For organizations in a growth scenario, the theme for 2022 is undoubtedly recruitment and the employee/candidate experience. The number of vacancies has never been so large, and we are all fishing in the same candidate pool. So make sure you have your recruitment strategy, process and budget in order.

Case That You Have a Better

Within organizations usually everyone has an opinion about recruitment and labor market communication, don’t let that put you off: make sure your HRM department is at the helm and determines which resources/budgets are used when and by whom in the ‘war for talent’. And no matter how much pressure you experience Uganda Phone Number from hiring managers (” we really need hands NOW, otherwise we won’t reach our target!”) , my most important advice is still: when in doubt, never catch up! Just adding hands, that usually doesn’t work. New colleagues must fit into your company culture, you must carefully go through all the steps of your recruitment process to minimize the risk of harm. Bringing in the right talent always takes more time than the average hiring manager expects.” Annelies Leveling.


That You Have a Better

Giving trust, getting freedom, taking responsibility, being accountable Portrait Annelies LevelingEvery organization needs agile, resilient and valuable employees. Especially in disruptive times in which change is a constant. KLM can talk about this, which has been hit hard, resulting in the loss of 6,000 colleagues. According to Annelies Leveling , Vice President Learning & Development KLM, all these developments also bring opportunities. For her, these are the most important themes on the 2022 agenda. “Show what kind of company you are! Provide passion and quality to be attractive to and retain talent. People consciously choose their employer. Make sure you have an eye for social needs, the combi employee value – society must be in order. Invest in skills. Knowledge and skills age, the market changes. When applying for a job, look at skills, how they have been developed, and what work is appropriate. Skills is the new currency, but we still have to develop the form together.

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