Check Out These 6 Handy Tools

In knowledge transfer, online courses, coaching and training, it is nice to develop your teaching material tailored to your needs and in your own house style. Here are my favorite tools and many more software tips for creating learning content. Handy:  Syria B2B List what can you do with a free and paid account?

Canva for everything

Of course you can make a flashy presentation  Syria B2B List in PowerPoint and filming yourself with Zoom is probably no problem since corona. But in the world of teaching and instructional design , you have an infinite number of software tools that you can use for teaching materials. My current favorites:

Syria B2B List


Anyone who has ever tried Canva knows… it’s  Syria B2B List almost addictive. From posters to Instagram posts, from slick presentations to lesson plans, timetables, certificates, worksheets, mind maps etc. In fact, you can develop all your visual teaching materials with this design tool for dummies. Did you know that Canva also allows you to record a screencast with yourself as a presenter ? And can you produce stock video in all formats?

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