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The ads you can bet on TikTok are: 1. In Feed Video In-Feed Videos are ads that appear on your timeline. Also known as the ‘For You Page’ . This is the most used form of advertising on TikTok. They are most similar to regular TikToks. The only difference is that you can add a click-through button to your website, app or social channel. In addition, it is the Macedonia Phone Number cheapest way of advertising on TikTok compared to the other options. In_Feed_Video_TikTok Photo: TikTok 2. You can add these results to the list created under reason 2 with searches for which you want to improve the organic position. With this list you can improve your SEO strategy and thus the synergy with the help of SEA. Improving the synergy between SEO and SEA.4. The eternal brand name discussion: smart testing There is one last reason why you want to link Google Search Console to Google Ads.

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The platform is therefore also interesting for companies that focus on an older target group. There is even a whole trend around families using TikTokken. But there are many more reasons why you want to use it as a marketing channel. Are you reading and TikToken? With 4 million views, more than 12,000 clicks to the website and hundreds of responses within two weeks, our TikTok campaign generated a lot of interaction and a large reach. TikTok Advertising Options You may now be thinking: ‘Sounds nice, but what is possible on this platform? What kind of results can you expect? Can you use existing creatives on TikTok? And isn’t it very difficult to access the business account?’ Logical. Let’s dive in, then! TikTok-advertising-crowdmedia Types of TikTok Ads You probably know the popular TikTok challenges and dances, but there are more and more different forms of content that are trending.

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These trends are perfect for a company to respond to. Brands such as Pathé , the Red Cross , the Ministry of Health and already know how to respond well to the experience of their target group with funny content. Dancing, sharing tips and comedy sketches are themes that score well. Why are these creators or companies doing well? What makes their videos so popular? The answer is not very complicated: participate in trends at the right time, place a lot of content (create volume) and tailor it to your target group. Top! You have created a TikTok, but how do you then use it as an advertisement? Just like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat, TikTok has its own business manager for your ads. The business account is currently most similar to that of Snapchat. However, the advertising options are slightly different than on all other channels.

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