Classified and eCommerce Advertising: how to increase

This category includes all ads and sponsored content Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers  within eCommerce platforms, recommendation engines, aggregators, marketplaces. This is the digital evolution of advertisements in specialized newspapers.

While in the other cases, the objectives of the campaigns could vary, from awareness, to positioning, to branding, to lead generation, to sales, the typical purpose of the classified advertising platform is directly the conversion of the user into a customer and therefore the sale

Email Advertising and Permission Marketing

In fact, the phase of the buyer’s journey in which the user finds himself is that of choosing a product from a range of alternatives: therefore, it is the right time to offer him, even for a fee, his goods, his services. The strategies and optimization techniques of classified advertising campaigns largely depend on the single platform.

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Email Advertising and Permission Marketing

Email advertising now seems to belong to another era, however .after a few years of decline, in recent years it has shown positive growth trends. In summary, email advertising consists of sending advertising messages to recipients who have explicitly consented to receive third-party advertising messages. Email advertising is part of Permission Marketing , which consists precisely in directing one’s offers only to those who have explicitly expressed consent, in compliance with the privacy regulations and the GDPR regulation., crucial in Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing strategies. There are two opposite trends: on the one hand the undifferentiated sending to a very large number of recipients, on the other hand an increasingly precise targeting, thanks to data analytics tools and marketing automation , strongly personalizing the offer and thus meeting the interest of the interlocutor.

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