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Building bridges I foresee a number of Indonesia Phone Number in the coming year. Now that ‘big finance’, the big banks, are working hard with you see many startups building bridges with their products. Bridges between traditional finance and new crypto world. Synthetix is ​​the best-known example of this. Nexis Indonesia Phone Number this nicely with insurance and many other startups will also launch their product on the market next year. The virtual gas price is going through the roof The high fees that many people in developing countries pay for sending money are often the marketing Indonesia Phone Number of enthusiasts to promote cryptocurrencies. Where easily 10-20% is by parties such as.

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Western Unio crypto transactions are Indonesia Phone Number a fraction of this. For example, someone recently paid $0.80 for a $2 billion transaction in Bitcoin. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case with the Indonesia Phone Number blockchain. On which the majority of blockchain applications run, such as ‘smart contracts’, ‘NFTs’ and DeFi products. The costs for transactions, the so-called GAS, have increased by more than 300% in 1 year . Developers are therefore looking to other blockchain networks for the development of their applications, where Polkadot is currently doing well, which Indonesia Phone Number set up by the co-founder of – yes – Ethereum.

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It is a much discussed topic and with all. The new technological developments from existing companies and new startups, I expect that the high costs will largely disappear in the coming year. Decentralized trading platforms What will certainly not disappear are the decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap and Sushiswap. Names that put a smile on your face at first sight. But when you see how much money these ‘decentralized exchanges’ (DEXs, cryptocurrency trading platforms) are currently processing per day, the smile turns to amazement. Nowadays, more is traded on these types of decentralized trading platforms than with central parties such as Coinbase and Binance.

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