Conflict and Transformation

Connection is about your involvement with the story, it concerns you too. Even if you don’t work for the organization. It’s the emotional hook that makes it matter, why it touches you. Conflict is about tension. Something is at stake. It is about dilemmas, struggles and contradictions. It makes us wonder where it’s going, how does it end? Transformation is about the change in the story. Where do you come from, in which force field are you now and Ghana Phone Number List where do you want to go? What change do you contribute to, in the world around you, with customers and with yourself? And what unique powers make that possible? Connection, conflict, transformation. Corporate story: what isn’t it? Before we go any further, it might also be good to consider what a corporate story is not . Numerous examples of corporate stories are presented on the internet.

Corporate story: 

As far as I’m concerned, a number of forms miss Ghana Phone Number List  the mark. The speech. A flaming story of the founder à la Steve Jobs is not a corporate story. It is certainly a beautiful and inspiring story. But it is the story of Steve Jobs and not necessarily of Apple as a total organization. That should be a broader story. The story must remain, even if the founder is no longer there. You do see that in smaller organizations the founder(s) play an  Ghana Phone Number List important role in the corporate story. We will explain this further later in the example of Vlaamsch Broodhuys. The promotional film. It seems that everyone in communication calls themselves a storyteller and everything has become a story. Many ‘corporate stories’ are packaged commercial expressions and too advertising to pass as a real story.

Ghana Phone Number List
Ghana Phone Number List

what isn’t it?

Stories have a certain degree of sincerity and v Ghana Phone Number List ulnerability, which makes them feel real and that we are touched. The slogan. Nike’s corporate story? Just do it . Or more recently: If you have a body, you are an athlete . This is certainly a core philosophy, guiding much that Nike says and does. It’s not a story. Even though Nike uses a lot of storytelling elements in its marketing, we have not yet been able to find the corporate story as defined above.

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