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Good luck!When you use social media or Google Ads to promote your business, the choice of your target audience is essential. With the wrong target group, every dollar you spend on your campaign can be wasted money. Each channel has  Jordan Phone Number different targeting options that you can use for different goals. In this article I discuss the options of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads and Snapchat. facebook We’ll start straight away with the medium that has the most targeting options. Besides the standard options (age, gender and place of residence) you can also target by education level, income, life events and industry. You can also choose to include or exclude people who like your Page in your target audience. And so there are  Jordan Phone Number many more targeting options . One of the most interesting tools for determining your Facebook audience is the Audience Statistics tool.

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Landing page A/B testing It is likely that several pages of your domain will be indexed by Google for a certain keyword. But which page is the most relevant and best matches your objective? Think of a keyword where the customer is  Jordan Phone Number still in an exploratory phase. Do you direct them to a product page or is an informative blog more relevant at this stage? And is the order of the current organic positions as desired or does another page rank higher than the desired page? In this case, too, SEO is not the ideal channel for a representative A/B test. You have to deal with many different (external) factors. Think of the difference in the Jordan Phone Number organic position and other expressions in Google due to the difference in the page title and meta description. Such a test is fairly easy to set up within SEA. The frames stay the same, but half of the search traffic goes to the alternate landing page.

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then draw your own conclusion based on, among other things, KPIs that are valuable to you. In addition, it is also useful to see whether there is a difference in the quality score. Since, except for the landing page, the frames are the same, any difference is in “the landing page experience.” And the higher the Quality Score, the cheaper you can Jordan Phone Number advertise within SEA. Image of an A/B test. Synergy between SEO and SEA: how will you use it? From SEA there is therefore an enormous amount of possibilities to take SEO to a higher level, which should result in more organic traffic. If you take SEO to a higher level, and with it the Quality Score, SEA benefits because you can advertise more efficiently. Win win! Which techniques apply to you and how are you going to let SEO and SEA reinforce each other?

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