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Between the COVID-19 pandemic and key social justice movements, businesses and nonprofits alike are looking for  France Phone Number ways to deepen their impact in the world. 2020 has highlighted the value of for-profit and not-for-profit partnerships, and we expect this trend to continue into 2021. As donations to some nonprofits dwindled during the  France Phone Number economic slowdown. As these cross-functional collaborations can increase employee engagement and retention by 5% to 7% and increase sales by 7% . We show five examples of how different nonprofits and for-profits  France Phone Number can collaborate on events to inspire your own outreach and collaboration.

Creative Examples

Team Rubicon is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes veterans in response to natural disasters and France Phone Number humanitarian crises. Mountain Dew started its partnership with Team Rubicon through a generous donation of $1 million. Such large donations can build excitement and momentum for additional donations. Coupled with donations. professional race car driver France Phone Number Dale Earnhardt Jr., with causes at nonprofits.  DEW Nation for the MTN DEW x Team Rubicon quest”.  and even a game day experience with Earnhardt himself.

France Phone Number

The Rubicon team is also working with jerky company Jack Link’s Protein Snacks. This partnership revolves France Phone Number primarily around research and education. Jack Link’s supports the collection of national survey data on the long-term impact of natural  Crb Directory disasters to help the Rubicon team tell data-driven stories about their mission. The data also helps France Phone Number give potential donors to the Rubicon team how Americans are   what the nonprofit is doing to address it. Jack Link’s decision to France Phone Number messaging further builds a case that Team funds will be used efficiently.

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