Cross References

One of the most successful strategies for growth is using cross-referrals. Cross reference means that one podcast references another. In this way you make use of each other’s reach, so that you logically increase your own reach. An example of this is a podcast swap. Two makers interview each other in each other’s podcast (ie 2 interviews) and refer to  Hungary Phone Number List the other’s in both interviews. But references within a brand or channel from one content to another also appear to work well. Distributing snippets (small fragments of audio/image from an entire episode) via, for example, social media also works well. As many creators are looking for ways to get more listeners .

Trend 7: professionalization

As more podcasts are added, creators will differentiate themselves by Hungary Phone Number List  professionalizing their shows. For example, by using good equipment and adding tunes, audio effects or music in the editing process. To illustrate, searches for the term ‘podcast microphone’ have increased by 75% in the last 5 years . In America you can listen to wonderful radio play-like blockbusters from Netflix and HBO, among others. Such as, for example, Serial, S-Town and This American Life.  We are waiting for a major Dutch media party to make a real Dutch blockbuster. Existing podcasts are expected to professionalize and available budgets will increase.

Hungary Phone Number List


Consumers, listeners and customers want to see more and more Hungary Phone Number List  authenticity and personality from companies. Brands and companies that manage to find the right balance between paid and unpaid content will therefore be the most successful in the coming years. Podcasting is a form of ‘human marketing’. This will become increasingly important in the future. Real storytelling plays a role in building a long-term relationship with the target audience. A podcast is a unique way to share your own story, message and knowledge with your supporters. That is why I expect authenticity in the form of individuality and unique concepts to increase.

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