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Marketing automation is not a stand-alone project of marketing, sales or IT. The success of email marketing automation stands or falls with proper coordination of the departments involved. Because various disciplines come together for the use of marketing automation, there are several moments and places where Chile Phone Number List  things can go wrong.

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An example: Marketing is based on the assumption  Chile Phone Number List that it provides qualitative leads. Sales considers the leads to be of insufficient quality or does not have the capacity to follow them up. While the department responsible for automatically .  supplying the data of (potential) customers has other priorities. This example illustrates how things can go wrong in three different places.


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You want to break through the silos. By setting up  multidisciplinary teams and developing a shared conceptual framework, you bring the separate islands together. This way you organize all the necessary expertise in one team and you promote the efficiency and effectiveness of your automated campaigns. By a shared conceptual framework I mean, for example, that departments such as marketing and sales have the same idea and use the same definitions for concepts such as lead, prospect, Marketing Qualified Lead and Sales Qualified Lead.

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