Decentralized Trading Platforms

What will certainly not disappear are the decentralized exchanges. Such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap and Sushiswap. Names that put a smile on your Belarus Phone Number List  face at first sight. But when you see how much money these ‘decentralized exchanges’  are currently processing per day. The smile turns to amazement.

trading platforms

Nowadays, more is traded on these types  Belarus Phone Number List of decentralized trading platforms than . With central parties such as Coinbase and Binance. Although it is still fairly complex for many users to use . The US government has indicated that it wants to strictly regulate these platforms, I see an insane growth in trading volume in the coming year. All kinds of new DeFi applications are being developed on these trading platforms, which will only increase the growth of the ecosystem.

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Belarus Phone Number List

Blockchain based games

A final development, which is currently  Belarus Phone Number List emerging in DeFi and could become very big in the coming year, are blockchain-based games. There are 2 billion gamers worldwide who currently spend $150 billion on this. And $250 billion in two years. The in-game purchases are a big part of this multi-billion dollar market and 62% of gamers and 82% of developers have indicated that they would like to see this on the blockchain.

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