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Plus, by working together, you can ensure a consistent brand voice across all platforms and online media. Side note: Both teams could also benefit greatly from a thorough analysis of a competitor’s ad copy. After all, your competitors are most likely to Nepal Phone Number invest in their own A/B tests, so why not leverage the fruits of their labor? Content idea In addition to cohesive copy, PPC results can be a great place to look when SEO needs content ideas. Armed with this information, we can see if specific search terms are driving traffic rather than conversions. Increase conversion rate images At the end of the day, if either party isn’t optimizing for conversion rates, they’re only halfway there.

Decide How You Will Pick

Now, this requires a degree of caution, as there are different criteria for what is good ad copy than what is good metadata; however, the intent of both is much the same: to grab the searcher’s attention and get them to Click. In this sense, there is incredible value in using data from both parties to identify areas of optimization. Have a paid ad with a particularly high number of clicks? Try incorporating ad elements into the title tags and meta descriptions of relevant pages. Struggling with ad copy? In turn, borrow the relevant page’s title and meta description. In either case, you’ll get a ton of data on what drives the best CTR.

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Likewise, if the SEO team sees success with certain pages. They can work with the paid search team to drive more traffic — ideally at a relatively low cost. Keyword-level data and analytics Anyone who has spent time dealing with SEO knows the pain of not getting much keyword-level insight from Google Analytics and having to rely on third-party tools and educated intuition to determine which keywords are driving traffic and conversions to a website.  Paid advertising tools are especially useful when looking for keywords that get high impressions or conversion rates. These are keywords that SEOs might want to optimize targeting for blog post ideas or conversion rates.

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