Deconstruction with “Lock Library” Example: From Requirement Analysis to Solution Determination

Product managers need to clearly understand

  • Business logic: scene, context of scene (or related business before and after). position, responsibility, exception handling, device carrier.Phone Number List,
    Mobile Number List,
    Mobile Number Database,
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  • Data logic: roles, permissions, state machines, data actions, watchdogs
  • Swimlane diagram: When the requirements involve multiple roles and multiple states, the business process can be most clearly expressed
  • Flowchart: The main logic of program processing

The algorithm for out-of-warehousing verification is: inventory-total lock-up amount + lock-out details corresponding to the current out-of-warehousing details. That is: the current lock library is automatically unlocked when the warehouse is released, so when verifying the lock library quantity, the current lock Albania Phone Number
library quantity needs to be removed

2. Analysis based on the existing logic of the existing software

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That is, it cannot conflict with the existing logic, nor can it conflict with the existing nouns, definitions or operating habits, so it is necessary to make feasible ideas on the premise of being familiar with the existing software data structure.

The core requirement of the lock library: when shipping, the quantity that can protect the lock library from being issued. 2 possible ideas:

  • Establish a virtual warehouse A, dedicated to storing lock library products
  • When the warehouse is locked, all locked products are transferred to warehouse A
  • When the locked products are released from the warehouse, they will be delivered from warehouse A, or transferred to the normal delivery warehouse for delivery.
  • When other products are out of the warehouse, because the locked products are in the special warehouse, no special verification is required.
  • A new lock library list is added to carry the lock library data
  • When locking the library, create the detailed data of the lock library
  • When out of the warehouse, the judgment condition increases the number of lock warehouses

Scheme comparison: Before comparing schemes, the schemes need to be refined to specific functional descriptions and data structures, especially state machines. Only when the solution layer is refined, can we avoid encountering insurmountable logical card points in the middle of development after the details of the two sets of solutions are expanded.

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