Delete Unused Apps

This tip is perhaps the most important. A Shopify webs hop mainly loses speed due to the use of many apps. So, go through your installed apps carefully and uninstall unimportant apps. Since the Shopify 2.0 theme, app developers can now Pakistan Phone Number List  put that in app blocks, and removing old code has become a lot easier. But all current themes can still be ‘cleaned up’. Before installing an app, also check whether it can be solved cheaper by a developer. Some apps have high monthly costs. Shopify adds new capabilities every year. Theme developers also continue to develop and it could therefore just be that certain apps are no longer needed. This not only saves monthly costs, but also speed.

Migrate scripts

I see that a lot of tracking scripts Pakistan Phone Number List  are often still used. And each tracking script is then pasted separately in the Shopify back office. The consequence? When loading the pages, each script is loaded separately. It is smarter to migrate these scripts to Google Tag Manager, so that only one script needs to be loaded.

Pakistan Phone Number List
Pakistan Phone Number List


In addition to setting up your shop Pakistan Phone Number List  correctly, there is another very important thing. For many SEO specialists it probably feels like a bargain, but it turns out that too little is done with it. About what am I talking about? Content! So create blogs on relevant topics. Create landing pages to direct visitors to the right products. And make sure you have good product information on the product and collections pages. 

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