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Just like the European Central Bank. These Singapore Phone Number power blocs fear that the sudden. Collapse of the cryptocurrency market could endanger the stability of the global financial system. They are Singapore Phone Number here to the Bitcoin crash in 2017 , where Bitcoin lost two thirds of its value in a month and the top 10 altcoins lost 80%. I am and remain enthusiastic about regulation, as long as the balance between regulation and innovation is not. In the Netherlands we see that too strict legislation on the one hand drives unicorns out of the country , on the other hand gives Dutch Singapore Phone Number a very unfair position towards competitors from abroad

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Who do not have to comply Singapore Phone Number these strict rules. Governments worldwide are now taking strong action against the trading platform in cryptocurrencies, Binance which Singapore Phone Number the Dutch Central Bank has already publicly warned about . I therefore expect many developments worldwide in the field of regulations in the coming year. Stablecoins and DeFi will probably first be at closely, in addition to the crypto market in general. The US government already Singapore Phone Number 18 different laws last quarter and the European.

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Union is now also making major Singapore Phone Number with its MiCA legislation. Which will apply equally to all countries in the European Union. It is to enter into force at the end of next year, early 2023. It continues to surprise it continues to be careful hen. The was nobody knew that we would navigate with Singapore Phone Number aps edit photos with Instagram and stream music with Spotify. It is also a surprise every day with cryptocurrencies what new developments are. We are working hard on Singapore Phone Number such as the excessive power consumption of certain blockchains, security, stability and speed. It remains to be careful for investors in cryptocurrencies.

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