Develop or Strengthen

The world no longer changes linearly . But exponentially and disruption of markets is the order of the day. Adjusting your business model is important to be and remain successful in this world. The future is increasingly difficult to predict. External factors such as digitization . Changing customer behavior & COVID-19 ensure that many companies are faced .  With the vulnerabilities of their company. They face the Gabon B2B List  challenge of reinventing themselves . Renewing their business model. How do you get good ideas to develop . A new business model or to strengthen existing business models?

Make smart use of proven elements

Most successful new business models are not at all as new as we initially think. Research conducted by St. Gallen University has shown that 90% of all successful business model Gabon B2B List  innovations of the past 50 years are a new combination of existing elements. What is innovative is that you understand, translate, recombine and apply the ‘patterns’ from successful business models within your own sector. Why reinvent the wheel yourself?. Use the insights to design better, more resilient business models for your company.

5 patterns that inspire you

To clarify what patterns are in a business model  Gabon B2B List and to inspire you, below are 5 examples. In each example I describe what the pattern is and what the possible advantages and disadvantages are. Inspiring examples are also given of companies that have integrated the pattern into their business model.

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