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Creators will be able to choose different rates for their Germany Phone Number subscriptions. Which will range in price from $0.99 to $99 per month. Those who pay the subscription price will have access to content of an exclusive nature on Instagram. Subscriptions reach the Germany Phone Number social network in three different ways: Subscriber Lives, Subscriber Stories and Subscriber Badges . The first two options will provide subscribed users with exclusive access to “lives” and stories respectively.

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And the third type of subscription will allow users to stock up on badges.  So that their comments and Germany Phone Number messages are more easily. Recognizable in the content of the creators. There will be penalties for those who disseminate content exclusive to subscriptions without permission Instagram, which Germany Phone Number seems to face the year 2022 with a good number of changes in its portfolio (last week we learned, for example, of its intention to change the display of “stories” ).

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The latest social network to sink its teeth into Germany Phone Number subscriptions payment. A functionality that already landed on Twitter last year with Twitter Blue and Super Follow. Aware that some users will bring out their mischief to exploit the exclusive Germany Phone Number content of subscriptions without permission, the Meta subsidiary has already announced that it will impose penalties on all those who spread such content through screenshots and similar methods .

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