Do Work and How to Write

A long piece of text or short and to the point? The words say it all: ‘a long lap’ sounds boring, while ‘short and concise’ comes across smoothly. But does that mean you should always avoid long texts? Not as far as I’m concerned. You just need to know how to write them. I am known among my colleagues for my lengthy blogs. When I work out an United Arab Emirates B2B List interview, my draft version is quickly around 1,200 words. I look critically at what I can delete. Annoying. I personally find everything interesting…No, kill your darlings has never been my strongest strength. Fortunately, succinct writing is getting better for me. Still, my hair stands on end when I hear someone say that “short texts are better”.


1. How long your text should 

Would you like to explain to the visitors United Arab Emirates B2B List of your website how they create a DigiD? Then your text should be short. Without a doubt. The same goes for a letter or email explaining how your readers can cancel their membership. Your readers have a purpose. A task. And they want to fulfill them as quickly as possible. Then they are not waiting for a funny anecdote.

Inform or persuade

Do you want to inform, amuse or United Arab Emirates B2B List  convince the visitors of your website? For example, do you want to tell them why your brand is more sustainable than all those other brands? Then you could really use some more words. Your readers had a different goal when they started your text. They want information to support their choice, to understand you better or form an opinion.

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